Exhaust gas systems for marine diesel engines and gas turbines

A typical exhaust gas system delivered by Mecmar for a diesel Engine Installation comprises the following main assemblies:

  • Primary Silencer and Inlet Pipes
  • Seawater Supply System and Pump
  • Sea Water Injectors, Primary and Secondary
  • Main Silencer
  • Outlet Pipes
  • Drainage System
  • Flexible Bulkhead and Hull Penetrators
  • Compensators
  • Flexible Supporting Elements
  • Temperature and Pressure Sensors
  • Control and Monitoring System
  • Reduction Agent Injection System (optional)
  • SCR Unit (optional)
  • Integrated SCR Control System (optional)
  • Economiser or Waste Heat Boiler (optional)

In our brochure you can find more information about:

  • The Benefits of Sea Water Injection
  • Pollutant Emission Reduction
  • Safety
  • System Integration
  • Installation
  • Material Selection
  • Exhaust Gas Systems for Marine Diesel Engine Installations
  • Exhaust Gas Systems for Gas Turbine Installations
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems for NOx Reduction
  • The Mecmar SCR Systems Solution

You can download our brochure here.


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